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An interactive Christmas adventure for children from 4 to 12 years old

"Fairy Labyrinth"

Creative Center "Alternative Reality"

Riga, Tallinas Street 30


12/22/17 15:00 (8-12 g)

12/23/17 12:00 (4-7 g), 15:00 (8-12 g)

12/24/17 12:00 (4-7 g), 15:00 (8-12 g)

12/26/17 12:00 (4-7 g), 15:00 (8-12 g)

1/6/18 13:00 (4-7 g)

1/7/18 13:00 (8-12 g)

1/13/18 13:00 (8-12 g)

A fun and unusual interactive Christmas event for children from 4 to 12 years old with adventures in various fairy tales.

Christmas adventure "FAIRY TALE LABIRINTS" is an interactive miracle-full Christmas tree for children from 4 to 12 years. The children will find themselves in four different fairy tales mixed up by the Winter Queen and help her recover her broken heart, the fragments of which have been scattered throughout the fairy tales. Walking through various fairy tales, children will learn to tame dragons, drink tea with mandarins with Alice in Wonderland, play fun games with minions and Mr. Gru, and try real magic at the Magic School.

Regaining her heart, the Winter Queen will become happy and loving again, will gift the children with her warmth and love, teach them to give gifts to each other.

Love is the main thing that everyone must learn in life. Therefore, both children from loving families and children from Latvian orphanages and boarding schools participate in the "Fairy Labyrinth" event.

Children from prosperous families, children from Latvian orphanages and Latgale primary boarding schools, as well as children with special needs participate in the "Mandarin Land" events.

By purchasing 1 ticket, you provide participation in the event for 1 child from the orphanage, but your child can attend the event for free *.



* Your purchased tickets are split between orphanages and primary boarding schools that want to attend the event, according to the lists we receive. With your support, we will be able to ensure the participation of 306 children from our list:


Daugavpils orphanage - 15 children

Tiskade orphanage (Rezekne) - 9 children

Social garden "Margrietiņa" (Riga) - 15 children

Baltinava boarding school - 20 children

Palsmane boarding school - 10 children

Light boarding school - 49 children

Jelgava orphanage - 15 children

Crisis Center (Riga) - 54 children

Katvaru boarding school - 14 children

Tilza special boarding school - 15 children

"Ziemeļi" orphanage (Riga) - 20 children

Antuži special boarding school - 20 children

Alexandrov boarding school - 38 children

Orphanage "Imanta" - 9 children

Rezekne orphanage - 3 children


** You can also buy a ticket to the event for a specific child from your well-known low-income family. In this case, when making the payment, it is MANDATORY to indicate the name and surname of the sponsored child. The child must come with a ticket and a certificate of low-income family status in which he / she is registered.

We truly thank everyone who has donated

project support!

Thank you

306 children from orphanages and boarding schools are provided, and all these children will be treated to a delicious pizza and a healthy drink after the event!


We are supported by:

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