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Uniqueness of the program training camping "Order of the Golden Dragon"


The training camp "Order of the Golden Dragon" is the training of responsibility, independence, the ability to work in a team (cooperate to negotiate, solve conflicts), the development of reflection (understanding of their senses, motives of behavior, ability to analyze and plan their actions) and self-testing skills (present their work  , Express ones opinion).

It is also important for us to develop curiosity in children, interest in life and learning, to form the value of education and erudition.


To achieve these goals, the rules for joint residence and discipline are important - as a deposit of order and security.  Since children do not like to do what adults tell them, comply with other people's rules, the first days they themselves come up with the rules and check them on strength.  Rules in our camp, this is not a list of prohibitions, but the system of the right actions that help us live together and great!


An integral part of the growing is awareness of the necessary duties that children themselves formulate, choose and execute.  Also, each child has the opportunity to be the main, responsible and controlling, which develops a social position and self-awareness!

Evening psychological events "candle", where children learn to express their thoughts and feelings, solve conflicts, praise each other, as well as individual and group games and tasks, contribute to the development of communicability and skills to cooperate.

An atmosphere of trust, adaptation and involvement of each child in a joint durability, with the help of a psychological approach of leadership and games, is important for the successful training camp.

The system of accounting for knightly behavior allows us to form and support the desired behavior, maintain competitive spirit and solidarity, develop mutual and solidarity in children.


In a healthy body, a healthy mind, and for this you need a day, charging, sport and no unhealthy food.  A quiet hour is in demand even by the most senior camp participants, as the day is saturated with events and need personal time to relax, read, think, - to be alone with you.  Sports games and relay is always!  Full nutrition and joint hiking in the store meet the needs of the growing organism and at the same time produce the command spirit.  It helps to ensure the physical development and health of your child.


Different development and self-expression.  The program consists of both sports games, needlework and art workshops and cooperation and mutual work, joint creative classes.  It helps children to show different directions, show their knowledge, learn something new to form an objective self-esteem.

Our goal is to teach a child of independence, responsibility for their behavior, cooperation, compliance with the rules and norms of communication and behavior, form adequate sustainable self-esteem, curiosity and promote a healthy lifestyle.



Some challenges which children overcome in our camp:

In the camp, some children first meet with the need to change their usual behavior to get the desired, for example, they have to learn to negotiate, instead of capricious, not obey, blackmail or manipulate.


Also, many children are difficult to listen to others, express their thoughts and feelings with words (not fists), analyze what happened and draw conclusions.  For the development of these important skills, we spend the "candles" every day, where children are studying self-imaging, self-expression and cooperation.  These useful skills are brought home!


Active joint activity in which participants training camps arrive the bulk of time, contributes to both friendship and constant friction, conflicts and contracts of children with each other.  Children are forced to learn to cooperate and negotiate, and this, as we all know, the process is sometimes not simple.  Our camp is 100% living communication, where children, overcoming difficulties learn to be friends and cooperate!


Independence and development of responsibility may not always be a cheerful process.  Starting with the fact that children learn to live without parents (follow themselves, overcome sadness around the house, independently solve difficult situations, conflicts, etc.) ending with the responsibility for others when you need to organize not only yourself, but also help others.  In children who are not accustomed, do not know how to "ripen" it can cause emotional and behavioral difficulties and they need additional support from parents !!!  After all, sitting at home in the usual atmosphere where there is no requirements and free regime, and even better - the tablet is much easier and at first glance is more attractive.

However, the pros and benefits of our camp are felt long after, and the skills of cooperation and independence remain on always!


More than 50% of children are returned to our camp for the next season, some come to us for 3-4 years in a row.

More than 80% of parents highly appreciate our work and have a long time rejoice in the changes that have occurred with the child in our training camp "Order of the Golden Dragon".

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