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International summer training camp


Knights adventures for girls and boys from 8 to 16 years old!

Knights games and activities await children:

-fencing lessons

- knight tournaments,

- archery,

- intellectual games,

- Knights' costumes and props

- Medieval balls and other surprises.

- Accommodation in a comfortable guest house with amenities and / or tents

- balanced meals 5x a day

- Visit to a museum or water park

- new friends from different countries and different cultures

- Adventures in ancient castle ruins

- Quest, healthy activities in the sun and fresh air in a friendly team!

Fun medieval adventures, with knight games and outdoor activities, will allow children not only to relax and recover, but also to gain new knowledge about history and knights in Europe.

Under the guidance of experienced teachers, children will spend great days developing their leadership skills, learning to communicate and work in a team in the form of a game, actively participating in games and activities in the fresh air.

Motto: "A Knight is a  of Honor and Kindness"


Aim and tasks of the camp: to promote children's physical and mental development, to introduce the principles of life, morality and honor of knights, to develop self-control, self-discipline, objective self-esteem, communicative skills and leadership qualities, to promote friendship and team spirit.

Camp type: 24-hour

Program languages: RU and ENG

Communication languages: RU, LV, ENG

* The fairy tale will fill the child's world so that he gets the maximum benefit and enjoyment from the camp.

* The adventures of knights will make him stronger, develop in him a sense of responsibility, honesty and justice.

* During the training camp, the children will attend a school of knights, and for their good deeds will be admitted to the Knights of the Golden Dragon Order.

* improving communication skills and learning about different cultures,

* language learning in practice - communication in different languages within the framework of an international project

* Children will discover the basic qualities of chivalry, such as responsibility, justice and honesty. At the end of the shift, you will take part in a real knights' tournament and a medieval ball.

* For girls - special Lady classes! Dancing, decoupage, acting, costume and hairstyle lessons, talent competition and much more!

* no mobbing or bulling - all situations and communication are considered from the point of view of mutual respect and cooperation, and are monitored 24/7 by our teachers

* computer and mobile addiction prevention

* Guests from other countries are always welcome


The Training Camp is part of the social project "Land of Mandarins" for the development and integration of children.

All profits from the organization of the camp are used to provide free places for children from Latvian orphanages, crisis centers or low-income families.


If you want to support the Mandarin Earth International Training Camp, we accept donations and support: You can purchase a trip to the camp for a child from the orphanage, paying for it in part or in full, and indicating in the payment purpose "CAMP - SOCIAL TICKET"


Beneficiary: Cultural Association "Alternative Reality"

Reg. No. 40008214937,

Legal address: Daugavmalas Street 34-27, Saulkalne, Salaspils county, LV-2117

Bank account: LV41UNLA0050021605602


Purpose of payment: to support the social project "Land of Mandarins"


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