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Events are organized

within the social project "Land of Mandarna", for the support and integration of children from social risk groups


"A Tale of Stolen Time"


Christmas events for children from 5 to 10 years

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The magical on-line Christmas adventure

children from 5 to 10 years

This year, Christmas events due to COVID-19 restrictions will take place on-line via the ZOOM platform.

During the event, children will not only watch the fairy tale with the participation of its heroes, but will also actively participate in solving fun tasks, help Trak Cepurnieks and Salavecis.

But in the end, the children will receive sweet gifts prepared for them by the characters of the fairy tale.

Duration of the event: 1 hour

Language of events: LV / RU

Participation in the event for children from socially vulnerable groups - free of charge

"Land of Mandarins: A Tale of Stolen Time"

Bloggers from the magical world are investigating the secret of a stolen Magic Clock. Gift making has stopped, time has stopped, Christmas is in jeopardy! The main magic clock, which counts down until Christmas, has been stolen from the city tower.

Santa and the blogger need your help!

Only you are given the opportunity to save the magical world and Christmas by returning the stolen time. Traveling in the magical world, you will learn the main secrets of Christmas: love, friendship and caring for people close to you.

Are you ready to become a magician and help Santa Claus prepare gifts? Only together can we do everything to make Christmas happen! To leave!

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