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International training camp

for children 8-16 years

"Order of the Golden Dragon"

Adventures and recreation on the Mediterranean coast, the miraculous island of knights and legends

+ English language practice and training

Pano Arodes, Paphos (Cyprus)

Medieval adventures in Cyprus - the island of temples and legends
The famous island of brave temple knights is waiting for young knights and ladies - defenders of Good and Honor!
The amazing story of the many feats and legends of the island will unfold before the children, the warm Mediterranean Sea and the bright Cypriot sun will help them become stronger and healthier, and the active camp program will strengthen not only the body but also the spirit!
The program is designed for those who like travel, adventure, discoveries and exciting stories! And learning English will make it easier to make new friends from other countries!

Children from other countries and cultures are also welcome. Communication in different languages is one of the elements of the development program in the international training camp "Order of the Golden Dragon".


Knights games and activities await children:

-fencing lessons

- knight tournaments,

- archery,

- intellectual games,

- Knights' costumes and props

- Medieval balls and other surprises.

- Accommodation in a comfortable guest house with amenities and tents

- balanced meals 5x a day

- Visit to a museum or water park

- Adventures in ancient castle ruins

- Quest, healthy activities in the sun and fresh air in a friendly team!



Communication languages: RU, LV, ENG


CYPRUS 10.06.-21.06.2024  - 530 EUR (12 days) 


Christmas discount till 30.12.2023. - 15%

Early seat reservation until 15.02.2024. - 10%

For children who come to our camp for the 2nd or 3rd time - 7%

Bring a friend and get a discount for yourself and a friend - 5%

Discounts are not cumulative.

The price includes:

1) Living in a well-furnished guest house, in 4-5 bed rooms with amenities, separate bathrooms or in tents, depending on the shift

2) transfer from the airport to the camp and back

3) an accompanying person on the plane with experience in supervising children

4) secure closed area with surveillance 24/7 

5) Balanced meals 5x a day, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, traditional Greek and Russian cuisine are also available

6) Activity program and all creative workshops / master classes included in it;
7) Provision of all necessary sports equipment;
8) Beach visits;

9) Experienced educators and trainers 24/7;

Not included:


- plane ticket Riga-Cyprus-Riga

Airline tickets are reserved for a complete group of children based on the actual value on the day of ticket booking.

- a notarized power of attorney for the child's departure from the country or for the representation of the child's interests abroad

- the child's passport with a validity period of not less than 6 months from the day of return to Latvia

- medical certificates in English, which are required according to the existing regulations of the country or the airline

- mandatory vaccinations required by the state

The flight and transfer to the camp are performed centrally, the group of children is accompanied by the responsible person from the camp organizers.

Riga-Paphos-Riga plane tickets are purchased for the entire group of children at the same time.

The organizers of the camp undertake to choose and purchase the most optimal and cost-effective flight and transfer option.  For the payment of air tickets, a separate invoice is issued for the actual cost of the tickets + selected baggage.

Planned purchase of Ryanair plane tickets, direct flight Riga-Pafas and Pafas-Riga, without connecting.

Pedagogical support: The educators and leaders of the children's camp "GOLDEN DRAGON ORDER" are experienced specialists who have been carefully selected and seriously trained. Has been working at the camp every year for the last 5 years.

These are professionals who have already made significant progress in their field: talented teachers, camp and international youth project organizers, directors, sports masters, volunteer students with prior training in working with children.

The camp program is carefully planned in advance by the hour. Children are monitored constantly and around the clock.

Camp address:

Pano Arodes, Paphos, Cyprus

Tel. +371 22189430, 29467064


Terms of participation:

Reservation of a place in the camp - 180 EUR by transfer to a bank account, according to the issued invoice, within 10 calendar days after submitting the application.

The flight costs are paid after the group is formed, according to the actual flight costs, for which the organizers timely, but no later than 01.05.2023.

The balance must be paid no later than 45 days before the camp start date.

The number of places per shift is limited, maximum 20 people

Applications are accepted while space is available.

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