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International training camp for children and juniors 8-16 years

"Order of the Golden Dragon"

(for children 8-12 years and juniors 13-16 y.o.)
24.07. - 02.08.2024.
(for children 8-12 years and juniors 13-16 y.o.)

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Fun medieval adventures, with knight games and outdoor training, will allow children not only to relax and recover, but also to gain new knowledge about history and knights in Europe.

Under the guidance of experienced teachers, children will spend great days developing their leadership skills, learning to communicate and work in a team in the form of a game, actively participating in games and activities in the fresh air.

Children from other countries and cultures are also welcome. Communication in different languages ​​is one of the elements of the development program in the international training camp "Order of the Golden Dragon".

Knights games and activities await children:

-fencing lessons

- knight tournaments,

- archery,

- intellectual games,

- Knights' costumes and props

- Medieval balls and other surprises.

- Accommodation in a comfortable guest house with amenities and tents

- balanced meals 5x a day

- Visit to a museum or water park

- Adventures in ancient castle ruins

- Quest, healthy activities in the sun and fresh air in a friendly team!



Communication languages: RU, LV, ENG

Camp address:

Vecružina, Silmalas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads

Tel.+371 22189430, 29467064



2 GROUP LATVIA  04.07.-13.07.2024. - EUR 390 (10 days)

3 GROUP LATVIA 24.07.-02.08.2024. - EUR 390 (10 days)


Early reservation of seats until 15.02.2024. - 15%

For children who go to our camp for the 2nd or 3rd time - 10%

Bring a friend and get a discount for yourself and a friend - 5%

Discounts do not add up.


The price includes:

1) Accommodation in a comfortable boarding school, 4-5 bed rooms with amenities, separate bathrooms or tents, depending on the change

2) safe closed area with 24/7 supervision

3) Balanced meals 5x a day, vegetarian and gluten-free meals are also available

4) Program of activities and all creative workshops / master classes included in it;
5) Provision with all necessary sports equipment;
6) Visit to castle ruins;

7) medical insurance for the child's stay

8) Knights costumes for children
9) Experienced teachers and coaches 24/7;

10) Psychologist's help: bulling at school, lack of initiative or responsibility and other problematic situations

Additional costs:


- transfer for a child from Riga to the camp and back *

one way 20 EUR

round trip 35 EUR

* Parents can also take the child to and out of the camp themselves.

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